FAILTE . WILLKOMMEN . WELCOME . Benvenuto . Bienvenida . Merhaba . أهلاً و سهلاً . 歡迎光臨 . Καλώς Ορίσατε . ברוך הבא . Добро пожаловат.Sveiki.

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NEXT GASLIGHT CAFE 30 NOV 2017 – first guests announced :HODI FLOW – RIO MARIO uvm

Gaslight Cafe  – next show  Donnerstag 28th September 2017 -20:00 – TiKK! Heidelberg

Friday 19th August 2016 –Hi ! Just uploaded another video from the Leitstelle – Gringo Waltz with special guest Sophie Vardigans Violin.

Friday 12th August 2016 –Hi there! Just uploaded a rough video from the Leitstelle gig. Always great to play with the OK Band. Check it out. 🙂


Frank Payne

Pic by Kjartan Einarsson für Dezernat 16 OPEN DAY 2017

Pic : Kjartan Einarsson



IF YOU HAVE A GREAT VENUE (kitchen, living room, cellar, play room, bedroom, balcony, garden, field, restaurant, bar, cinema, empty warehouse, shop, church, clubhouse, opera house, town hall, Kulturzentrum, music club, a listening room of any kind size or shape, we will tailor the evening to suit your needs.

Genießen Sie einen Abend mit Frank Pyne und The OK Band, bestehend aus







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“Frank Pyne Lieder sind stimmungsvoll, atmosphärisch und vermitteln immer ein ganz besonders Gefühl in das man leicht versinken kann.” –

“Die OK Band, Oli, Holger und Rolf, haben mir die Möglichkeit gegeben, meine Lieder in einem neuen Licht zu sehen und mich mehr auf den Gesang zu konzentrieren. Neue Grooves, einen freieren und jazzigeren Ansatz und das Einbeziehen einiger älterer Songs, die ich seit Jahren nicht mehr gespielt habe, geben der Show ein gerundeteres und vollkommeneres Gefühl. Ich liebe es mit diesen Jungs zu musizieren, sie sind wirklich außergewöhnliche Musiker.” – Frank Pyne

“I don’t write songs  in any one style or genre so It makes a difference with whom I play. We rarely record with the intention of nailing a song down formally and providing a definitive version. Mostly the songs tend to take on the vibe of the band so that one day we could play a song as a country blues than turn around and swing it at the next gig. It’s all very emotional and spontaneous and depends on moods, venues, etc.

It definitely helps to play with great musicians like Oliver, Rolf and Holger who want to serve the songs and not dominate them … Oliver is the unspoken musical director. His ability to play creatively is a massive plus and his mastery of the musical language of many different styles and genres is invaluable. Likewise with Rolf. He has become one the best bass players around. With me he plays mostly Contrabass and I love what he does. Sometimes I only exchange a general instruction, agree a rough form, then we head into the song live, in front of an audience, It’s like a big exercise, an adventure. Feeling your way into the heart of the song and listening intently to one another. Listening to your fellow musicians and building dialogues is probably the most rewarding exercise.

In the end it’s often Holger who identifies the problems when a song doesn’t work. When a song doesn’t groove like it should Holger lays his healing hands on the song and gets rid of any negative influences. He’s the drum doctor. He can adjust your inner rhythm. One thing we share is a love for the songs. In THE OK BAND we treat the song like royalty. We also agree on the guiding principle of our musical union – THE SONG IS KING – Frank Pyne