3 CD Set – Frank Pyne 50 songs
50 Song Set

Koku Pyne Random Songs CD –
incl. This Map, Big White House, Circus, Money, Nighttown .

Sombrero Fallout – Frank Pyne with Peter Anthony, Kirt Dallaway, Ralph Delgado, Tommy Harris. Vinyl LP –

A Gringos Heidelberg Compilation
Album of the month INTRO – with Frank Pyne, MoveD, The Moonbees, Walt Bender, Billy Goodman, B-Ton, OviMVP uvm..
Loon Saloon
Cosmic Country Ltd. Edition EP (sold out)
Loon Saloon – Field Trip EP. CD

San Franciscan Poet William Cody Maher Poems with Sountracks from various Heidelberg artists incl. Frank Pyne, Move D, Oliver Kuka, Billy Goodman, Alan Pyne, Jochen Seiterle Ovi MVP…..