listening room

It’s late in the evening. The kids are asleep. Maybe you have no kids, or they have already left the fold or have yet to arrive. Take some time out, settle down in your favorite chair, maybe you have to use head-phones, maybe not. Maybe your neighbors are cool, their record deck is broken and they enjoy listening to your music. It could be you are lucky enough to have no neighbors, super speakers and a cup of Barry’s tea, a glass of wine, single malt, craft beer, herb or something else to hand. Or, maybe you are used to going to bed at 10.00, rise at 6.00, hit the gym before work, a green smoothie and 15 mins meditation. Whatever or whoever you are, once you settle down and concentrate on the crackle of the lead-in grooves, or the sound of the tape turning, the static and dial sounds of the tuner. When that first note hits and the music flows, performing a cerebral dialysis, washing away all the negative vibes, the elation of sharing something personal with the musician streams in.

You get lost in the music.

Welcome to the listening room.

  1. 60th BIRTHDAY AT FRIEDRICH HEIDELBERG                                                                                                                 
  2. My excellent friend Rio Mario made this sweet video, lots of friends and a song about crying. Recorded in a kitchen, on a 4 track tape machine resting on an ironing board, it was a really spontaneous song. I played everything myself and David joined it all together. Thanks to my buddy Rio for the treasured video a great memory of the Friedrich birthday party .


With the OK Band at the Leitstelle in Dezernat 16 Heidelberg. Fish Club -featuring Oliver K guitars Rolf Breyer basses Holger Nesweda drums.

GRINGO WALTZ with the OK Band at the Leitstelle Heidelberg  July2016   

SPECIAL GUEST Sophie Vardigans.


Live at the Grenzhof with Rio Mario, Oliver Kuka, Geoff Brown, Holger Nesweda, The Silktones, Sophie Vardigans, We played in the wood workshop at the beautiful Grenzhof. Rio did a set of his songs and I did one of mine.


way back in ca ’95 with SOMBRERO FALLOUT in KEHL. Great times with Peter Antony, Tommie Harris, Christof Risch, Kurt Dallaway and Ralph Delgado. Can’t believe how fast we played this song. I still do it sometimes live but much more chilled.