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Don’t forget to join my buddy Joe Nugent , Friday 12 Feb., along with Mike Cronin at 4.30 pm EST / 9.30 pm Ireland /10.30pm on THE IRISH INFLUENCE featuring: 

whose incomparable work on Seamus Heaney promises insights into this most moving of modern Irish poets.   


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This Friday 5 Feb.

on the Irish Influence- the third poet/writer to be featured in the series Nobel Literature Prize recipients. This week Samuel Beckett. Begins at 10.30 pm German time . Hosted by my good friend Joe Nugent.

Samuel Becket

News, live dates….

NEW!! Heres a little something to keep you going, from our latest bunch of songs. It’s actually how the song sounds at this moment on the way to being on the new record. This version with just Manu, Rolf and myself is much more chilled than when we have played it live a few times. This song prompts the question, when recording, when is a song finished? The accompanying video is made up of images of my favourite tree, (known as Eichendorf’s tree in my family.) I hope it brings some good vibes…and let us know how you like it.

Dont Look Back and Eichendorf’s Tree bring you these minutes of calmness

TONIGHT 22 Jan I can’t recommend this enough. Especially if you have even a passing interest in Ireland, Irish literature, or Ireland’s relationship with England. You might enjoy a highly stimulating exchange involving one of Irelands finest journalists and writers as he waxes lyrical about one of Irelands greatest ever writers and all round friend of the famous, George Bernard Shaw. Fintan O’ Tooles book Judging Shaw was one of the most exhilarating reads I’ve had in the past two years. I read it without having any real knowledge about Shaw but O’Toole himself is so very accomplished and the book is beautifully constructed and written. My old school buddy Joe Nugent is one of the hosts of The Irish Influence with co-host Mike Cronin, Award winning journalist and author Fintan O’ Toole is the guest. The format is simple, anyone can join, works like a regular zoom meeting except your mic and video are muted. So at least drop in and check it out, you won’t leave.. I promise.

Fintan O’ Toole

So, no gigs! But we would still love to here from you – we are now planning for the second half of this year first half of next hopefully the situation will have improved by then

AT THIS TIME WE ADHERE TO ALL CORONA REGULATIONS – Stay Safe – Stop the Spread – Wear a Mask!!