60th BIRTHDAY AT FRIEDRICH HEIDELBERG                                                                                    Rio Mario made this sweet video, lots of friends and a song about crying. Recorded in a kitchen, on a 4 track tape machine resting on an ironing board it was a really spontaneous song. Played everything myself and David joined it all together. Thanks to my buddy Rio for the treasured video a great memory of the Friedrich birthday party.

GRINGO WALTZ with the OK Band at the Leitstelle Heidelberg  July2016    – SPECIAL GUEST Sophie Vardigans.

FISH CLUB with the OK Band LIVE AT THE LEITSTELLE  – With the OK Band at the Leitstelle in Dezernat 16 Heidelberg. Fish Club -featuring Oliver K guitars Rolf Breyer basses Holger Nesweda drums.

JOHNNY’S HORSE – Later version of the song which originally appeared on Loon Saloon / Cosmic Country EP . This version was recorded in Berlin by Volker “Don” Schneider. Vocals recorded at reSource Studio Heidelberg , Huub Dutch plays the trumpet solo, Organ and mastering by David Moufang

LIVE  AT THE GASLIGHT – I SCARE MYSELF with Oliver Kuka, Jutta Werbelow, Sven Wittmann, David Neuhaus, Adrian Kratzert, Raphael La Marche . Song is from the great Dan Hicks, I could never hope to do it justice vocally but we did capture some of his terrific rhythmic energy and it was a lot of fun. RIP Dan.

WACO – Live at the Grenzhof with Rio Mario, Oliver Kuka, Geoff Brown, Holger Nesweda, The Silktones, Sophie Vardigans, We played in the wood workshop at the beautiful Grenzhof. Rio did a set of his songs and I did one of mine.

DON’T LOOK BACK – with the OK Band and Charlotte Jacobson at Sven Wittman’s Altes e – Werk Playhouse session .

LOVE IN SPACE – way back in ca ’95 with SOMBRERO FALLOUT in KEHL. Great times with Peter Antony, Tommie Harris, Christof Risch, Kurt Dallaway and Ralph Delgado. Can’t believe how fast we played this song. We still do it sometimes live but it’s much more chilled.